Keeping the Promise.

Should I run for Congress?
A better question:
Do you want me to run for Congress?
Being your sheriff means more to me than I can express. This county is my home, and I am proud the work done by each and every officer. In a very short amount of time, we have been able to develop new and innovative programs, both to improve the jail and to enhance how our officers work together. The response internally and publicly has been fantastic. Based on that success, I’d like to think that I could remain your sheriff for a very long time and be happy doing so.

However, much like you, I see things in Washington that concern me.

A message from Troy:

A Career Built On
Serving the People
Here in Fort Bend, on a nearly daily basis, I see the revolving door of undocumented criminals arriving, being sent to ICE, getting deported, and then arriving back in our jails a few months later.  There is a mental health crisis in the United States where an absence of leadership is taking away care, leaving those in need of support and treatment being dumped in our county jails.

In every neighborhood across the United States, there is an epidemic of addiction. We must break the stigma and have an honest conversation with America about drug addiction, cultivating new ways to stem the tide. Just saying “no” is not enough.

Finally, I see career politicians developing corporate relationships with out-of-district money players in D.C. who are looking for influence—politicians whose only job, it seems, is to get reelected. There is no silver bullet to draining the swamp, but implementing term limits would be a strong start.

During three tours in Bosnia, Afghanistan, and Iraq, the Army helped me to refine my internal drive with a tactical approach to problem-solving. When I see problems, I don’t know of anything to do other than to work on fixing them. This doesn’t mean I have every answer. But it does mean that, just like with my job as your sheriff, I will always investigate, assess, and problem-solve every day. I also make it a priority to speak with you about what is going on. I represent you, so I want to make sure I am communicating my actions publicly as often as possible.

Harvey Recovery
Fort Bend Forward
For some, Harvey is in the rear view mirror, for others the storm is still with them every day. Please watch the video and consider donating to Fort Bend Forward.

Please help us make sure everyone moves forward together.

Troy Nehls
Serving His Community

A Message To Looters In My County

I’ve heard some horrific stories in Harris County and others, and I’ll tell you right now the residents of Fort Bend County, they support the 2nd Amendment.

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